Hi! I’m Matthew (or Matt, although most people think I say Mark when I say Matt.. so I just tend to stick to Matthew now when introducing myself).

I’m an entrepreneur that started in business at the age of 13, it was never really my plan to start a business. I launched a cashback site because I wasn’t happy with the ones that already existed, I thought I could do it better. I did for a little while. Here we are 10+ years later and its all I have ever done (if you exclude the 1 month I worked at Gamestation, before being fired).

I’ve decided to start a blog detailing what I get up to each month, to make me a little more accountable for my time. One of my biggest issues is I waste far too much time in the business (replying to emails, day to day tasks) instead of on the business. I am really pushing to change that.

I am also planning to talk about business money saving (a penny saved is a penny earned), networking events, investment ideas and anything else I sort of think might be relevant to business owners.

P.S. If you use Twitter, you can follow me here.