Move from to GrooveHQ

Over the past week at WOW, I have been working to migrate our support ticket platform from to GrooveHQ.

I had wanted to move away from for quite a while, but never had the time until last week.

A few reasons why I am loving the switch to GrooveHQ:

1) Clean and simple to use
I never liked going into to make changes as an admin, or as an agent managing tickets. The system offers way to many features, controls and options – it makes making the simplest change time consuming. Groove offers an extremely clean and simply (yet still powerful) interface to use.

2) Pricing offers tiered price plans ranging from $3 to £95 a month, the plan for us to continue using the platform was around $35 a month or $70 a month, to get some of the additional features we would have liked. Groove is just $15 a month, no tiered pricing plans like if you want more features.

3) Looks just like normal email
I like many others I am sure (as GrooveHQ) have identified hate online ticketing platforms where you have to submit a ticket, login to view your tickets etc. GrooveHQ looks just like a normal email from someone instead of an online ticketing platform, no more annoying emails like ‘we have received’ your ticket. Just fantastic customer service!

It didn’t actually take as long as I thought it would and as WOW Media grows, I believe Groove will be much better to use as our business and support requests increase.