The last week or two

I keep trying to find time to update my blog on what is happening at WOW Media and what I have been working on, however I keep struggling to find time.

This is my first post in a while and I am going to try and update the blog a few times a month now.

So the past week (or maybe two weeks) I have been focusing on the following:

Security – I have always been pretty big on security and backing up of data since a few years back when one of our servers ended up getting corrupted and another year one of our servers was hacked and all the code was destroyed that we spent over a year working on.

With Heartbleed in the news, I thought it was about time to not only review all my own passwords but also how the company handles passwords internally. So I have spent the past week improving our password management.

Mobile Game – Made a few improvements to our mobile game, Mafia Network over the past week – launched some new in game features. Hopefully I will get time later this month to launch the game on iPhone, this is the only big platform left to launch the game on. The app is actually finished, just needs to be fully tested and submitted to Apple.

Redesign – So everyone keeps telling me the WOW Media site design (you can see it here) is pretty outdated. Personally I still like it, but I do see everyone’s point of view that it can be quite confusing and unclear for visitors. So our new site design will be going live in July (well.. I hope).