New look, new content

For months, in fact I will be honest years I have been planning to work on this blog – finally I have had a couple of hours free to spend on modernising it a little.

In case you didn’t see the site before here is what used to look like before I implemented the new look you are seeing right now:

The old design’s old design – using WordPress theme “Twenty Seventeen”.

In 2017, I moved this site over to WordPress from Tumblr and just left it with the default theme. After purchasing GeneratePress around a month ago, I absolutely love the flexibility of this theme (I think it is the best WordPress theme I have ever used) and decided to install this on this site, I am currently working on moving, my most recent new project to the GeneratePress theme as well, the site will look almost exactly the same as it currently does (that is how flexible the theme is) but the GeneratePress theme is so much faster and has awesome features like its “Hook” system which will be really useful long term. Anyway enough about that…

So, this blog has existed since around 2010 (I think) and in that time I have barely written any content for it… I have always wanted to but WOW Media keeps me so busy I have little time to work on it, hopefully this fresh look will give me some motivation to work on it more regular.

Finally, a new design

Hopefully you like the new design and it gives it a much more “modern” look and feel. I am still playing around tweaking it and will be making small changes as I go along.

I am still planning to design the Tools page of the site, I started this page probably a year ago and haven’t finished it. This will be listing all the options online tools that are regularly used at WOW or I use personally and recommend.

Hopefully, new content

I am planning to write on the blog more regularly now, my aim to begin with is once a month. Yeah its not a lot, but I think its achievable for me right now. So far over the past 8 years I have updated the site about once or twice a year, so twelve times a year is a massive increase. 😂

My plan is to document more about what I am getting up to at WOW, for others and really to reflect back on my own personal journey as well.

I will also be writing about money saving ideas and tips (just because I love saving money) and maybe a little about my investments (the good and the bad).

Thanks for reading and hopefully you see a lot more of me in 2019. 🎉