Past Few Weeks

Keeping meaning to get round to updating my tumblr, but so far I have hardly updated it…

Past couple of weeks have been pretty busy, early April I went to Singapore and Australia to meet existing and new clients.

Came back to the UK for a week, caught up on emails and work, had my 22nd birthday and then went to Venice for a vacation.

Been back after this for a week now, my to do list has got massive as I am constantly updating this regardless of where I am or what I am doing. Thankfully we have started using at WOW so I can allocate certain tasks to employees and my assistant (fancyhands!).

Over the past few weeks there is a couple of things I have become really focused on:

  • Building new tools and features for WOW Trk. I think its important to offer unique tools and services for affiliates, we need to stand out. So we are working on quite a few things to make the service for affiliates better and also tools to make it easier to generate money!
  • Automation, Automation, Automation. – This has always been a focus as I am sure it is for many. However I am wanting to take this further, to many actions are manual. Not only does it save time and money but it can also increase money. For example we are trying to make more of our ads automatically optimise, meaning it should make us more money if done correctly. Also trying out web services like Skimlinks. (I am working on a blog post on ways to make affiliate marketing more automated, hopefully will post it soon!)
  • Geo targeting Ads more – At the moment a lot of our sites are split for different countries, mainly due to different ads for different countries. It would be hard to merge them all now, but I am trying to geo target more ads even just so if a visitor from another country does go on the wrong country site we can still make some money! I am also trying to make our entire range path auto optimise and geo target.. however not sure if I will ever achieve this.

Hopefully I will remember to post again soon! 🙂