Stay Home, Stay Safe Notice for Websites

Stay Home, Stay Safe Notice Banner

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is effecting over 150 countries around the world and that number is growing fast. At the time of writing there has been over 20,000 deaths. This is the biggest health crisis most of us have seen in our lives.

In the UK earlier this week we were put on effective lockdown to stay inside. Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister has given a clear message to the public. Staying inside will save lives.

The reproductive rate of COVID-19 is between 2 and 2.5. This means that every person that is infected on average will infect between 2 to 2.5 people. This is higher than influenza. Don’t compare this to the flu, COVID-19 is much more serious.

By staying indoors we can significantly reduce this reproductive rate. Reducing this will slow down the spread of the virus and help the NHS and other health services cope.

If you are a website owner you can help! I have released a free plugin today on the WordPress Directory that you can easily install on your website to show a notice to users that says “Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives”.

Example of this website showing the Stay Home notice as a banner at the bottom of the site.

The plugin lets you easily customise where you display this message, you can display this as a notice on your website like a cookie notice, in a Widget, below or above post content or using a Shortcode.

Download the free plugin right now here.

The notice is designed to only appear on mobile devices as a user is more likely not to be at home then. The notice does not appear on desktops or tablets as the user is more likely to be at home.

The plugin is 100% free, it doesn’t display any ads or track you. It does however have the option to display a notice to users to setup the notice on their website.

I know many business owners and website owners (myself included) have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and are struggling, there are extremely difficult times for us all. Right now time is even more important but please spend a few minutes to try and use your influence and encourage people to stay home.

Make a difference today, help the world and the health services cope with the influx of Coronavirus patients by reminding your website visitors to stay indoors.

Thank you!