The last week or two

I keep trying to find time to update my blog on what is happening at WOW Media and what I have been working on, however I keep struggling to find time.

This is my first post in a while and I am going to try and update the blog a few times a month now.

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Past Few Weeks

Keeping meaning to get round to updating my tumblr, but so far I have hardly updated it…

Past couple of weeks have been pretty busy, early April I went to Singapore and Australia to meet existing and new clients.

Came back to the UK for a week, caught up on emails and work, had my 22nd birthday and then went to Venice for a vacation.

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Great meeting Richard Branson

Matt Lovett and Richard Branson at Richard's house

Left Richard Branson’s house a few hours ago and now waiting for my train.

Was a great day with a Q&A session with Richard, lunch and the Fast Track 100 with some great speakers including the founder of Dreams and

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